About Us

How Qblades started

Qblades was founded in 2012 by 2 Dutch professional carpenters, Daan Broersen and George van Haaster. Both had their own business and got frustrated about the quality for a sawblade that cost 16 Euro or even more.

Already at this time each carpenter, electrician or any other professional had a multiool in his toolbox, but there was not really a good and reasonable choice regarding sawblades and accessories for this machines. Daan and George went on to find a reliable partner for manufacturing, ensuring quality and performance controls and literally visited building-sites to demonstrate their Qblades. Meanwhile there is merely a building-site in the Netherlands where no Qblades is used.

Since Qblades was a huge success amongst professionals, the demand in hardware-stores kept growing and still is; because of our optimal price/performance ratio, a complete range and our passion our sawblades are available in over 500 stores throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, we work with importers or other professional brands throughout Europe who sell the Qblades concept under private label.

The choice of professionals

The multitool seems unmissable nowadays in the every day life of a professional. Qblades delivers sawblades and accessories for each type of multitool and offers the best price/performance ratio.

Our Qblades are available in 4 different interfaces:

You can choose between the most recent Starlock interface (SL), the universal interface for OIS and MultiMount-type interfaces (UN or SC) or the interface for DeWalt and Stanley machines (DW). No matter which interface you choose, all our sawblades are made from the best starting material and come in affordable prices. In short: more cutting distance for your money.

The right blade for each job

If you’re cutting only wood or PVC (plastic), use the HCS blades. If you want to be able to cut aluminium-profiles, nails or even metal pipes, choose the BIM blades. Our blades with their extra robust toothing are made to meet the daily demands of every professional.

We offer also accessories like diamond- or hardmetal-scrapers when you need to change tiles in the bathroom or for any other jobs where you need to handle concrete, brick or stone. Qblades also offers different solutions to remove glue or luting.

For our whole range we always offer 10 + 1 FREE.

Available in any hardware-store.

We wish you all the best for your next project!

The Qblades team