Private label

for multitool saw blades & accessories

Why Private Label?

There are various reasons to look for an extension of a product range under your own brand; creating additional revenue, out-manouvering competition or re-affirming the position of your A-brand. In each scenario you are looking for a partner that can provide you with professional quality of product and process, personal support and experience, low risk investment and flexibility.

As brand you may be looking for additional revenue by adding a new productrange/category. But you also want to keep the risk of investment low yet enjoy all benefits of a private label as high turnovers and proven compatibility with your customer-segment.

We offer a proven concept for private labels in sawblades for multitools with consistent quality from the first to the last step by putting our experience and insights in the following key areas:






The quality of our blades stems from our diligent processes, starting with the right choice of raw-material, quality controls pre- and postproduction, permanent performance testing and finalizing with every sawblade being packed and sorted by hand before it leaves our facility. We ensure a high consistency of product quality. Our range features an efficient program of bestselling types of sawblades and accessories for multitools. Our range is available for all major anchor-systems. That provides you with a powerful concept: “ONE solution for ALL multitools”. So whatever machine brands your members hold, which ever machines their customers are using: you always have a consistent offer for them.


As a brand, you always try to distinct yourself from competitors. The right packaging can be a main factor in achieving distinction. We have developed the first customizable, 100% plastic free packaging for multitool-sawblades and accessories, offering you the opportunity to distinguish your brand with sustainability, unique design and specific product information.


We understand how important flexibility is to you: that’s why we offer low MOQ’s yet short delivery times for low risk and high ROI and adjustable assortment and stock. We make it possible for your brand to start small and risk-free in order to exploit all benefits from a Private Label right from the start without the risk of high investments or binding capital in stock. Once your brand has found traction amongst your members and their customers, we can ensure to meet your growing demand without shortages or delays.


Personal contact and mutual understanding on the challenge are essential to a successful project implementation. We commit ourselves to your success, offering active support in choosing the right product-range, marketing strategy and creating content. We share with you our experience of marketing and selling numerous international private labels and our own brand, Qblades. We even assist you in designing your packaging and help you to make the right choices along all steps towards your own brand of multitool sawblades.