New packaging

Qblades is the first multitool brand to use 100% plastic-free packaging. A contribution to a better environment and an advantage for all end-users. An advantage for all users because it’s a very user-friendly packaging with all product information in a very clear way presented, also the box is reclosable.

Clear productinformation

The new box offers more space more clear product information. On every package you have a big product picture, an image of the interface and a color code for the application so the end-user can choose the right blade very quickly.

Color codes

The right saw blade for every job. If you only saw through wood or PVC, use an HCS saw blade (color code yellow). If you want to saw profiles, nails or even a metal pipe in addition to wood, choose a Bi-metal saw blade. (color code blue). Various saw blades with carbide or diamond are available for replacing a bathroom tile or other processing with stone or concrete (color code purple). Qblades also has various accessories in its range for removing sealant or adhesive residues (color code green). In addition, SETS are available for various applications (color code red).

User tips

The back of the box is provided with common product information and practical user tips. Such as icons that indicate which materials you can cut with the saw blade of your choice. Or tips; did you know that an HCS saw blade cuts faster if you push less hard on the saw blade? Or that BIM saw blades at a maximum cutting speed “4” burn less quickly and therefore last longer?

Shop presentation

The boxes are slightly smaller than the old packaging, so there is more space on the shelf. This can increase the range or create more space for application information on the shelf. Nothing else will change to make the switch as easy as possible for everyone. So only the packaging changes.

If you have any questions about the packaging, application or technical question? Then we would be happy to talk to you.

Het Qblades-Team